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Formation of the Structure

We will incorporate any type of legal entity, company, foundation, partnership for you in the jurisdiction(s) of your choice. All supporting services in connection with company management and administration will be provided including:

  • The appointment of Managers
  • Directors
  • A central registered address
  • Produce and maintain corporate records
  • Book keeping
  • Accounting and financial transactions, including the administration and management of bank accounts.
  • Reporting to the various authorities within the areas of operations.

Administration Services

We take care of the financial administration of your company structures. We will keep the books, prepare annual reports for commercial, statutory or fiscal purposes. If you need audited statements, we will liaise with the auditors and make sure they get all the information and support they require. We can do cash management, portfolio and fund administration, or whatever other administration services your company may need.

International Structures

McKenzie is experienced in establishing structures in various jurisdictions by combining different agreements and treaties between different countries to maximize benefits and reduce costs. These client structures are tailor-made to serve our corporate and individual clients needs and to protect their assets. Our structures are specially created to protect you in the ever-changing environment.

Double Tax Agreement Structures

Legal entities are also established in specific jurisdictions to benefit from reduced withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties. Our senior consultants can help to ensure that you gain advantage from global tax treaties. If you have income derived from a country where you are not a resident, you face the danger of being taxed twice on the same income. If you are working abroad during the short or long term, you will also want to ensure that double taxation does not apply.

Estate Planning

Wealth succession is a complex issue and careful planning is essential. McKenzie will work together with your professional advisors in this area to ensure that the most tax-efficient solutions are deployed to provide maximum long-term benefits for the founder and his beneficiaries.


Foundations are a very important component in family asset protection structures. There are different types of foundations. The private foundation is a separate legal entity; a hybrid of a company and trust. The private foundation has long been favored by wealthy individuals and families as a vehicle for accomplishing their wealth and succession management strategies, corporate control and their charitable objectives. Broadly speaking foundations fall into the following categories:

  • Private: For the continuation of quality management.
  • Corporate: For continuity of control, pension and employee benefit schemes.
  • Charitable: For the benefit of charitable organizations.
  • Special Purpose: Donations serving a specific philanthropic purpose.

Whilst the above types offer specific objectives, Foundations can be established to embrace all purposes and objectives. The purposes are contained within the Foundation Charter and By-Laws.

Key Advantages of Private Foundations:

  • Confidentiality
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost.

What can private foundations do:

  • Ensure founder's confidentiality.
  • Minimize taxes on assets and investments.
  • Protect assets and investments from creditors of the founders.
  • Manage assets and investments.
  • Maximize long-term income.
  • Preserve family assets over future generations.
  • Establish a distribution system to beneficiaries.
  • Orderly and quick distribution of assets to beneficiaries upon founders passing.

What can private foundations do:

  • Persons seeking to maintain their wealth.
  • Persons wanting to consolidate holdings under a single, flexible umbrella.
  • Persons wanting to ensure confidentiality.
  • Persons seeking a vehicle for retirement.
  • Persons seeking a vehicle for estate planning
  • Persons wanting a structure for continuation by future generations.

All supporting services in connection with company management and administration will be provided including......